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Lit design web design
Lit design web design
Lit design web design
Lit design web design
Carlito Gatchalian Jr.

About me

Hello guys, I am Carlito M. Gatchalian Jr. You can call me Lits, I’m a Web Developer and Designer based in Manila Philippines. I am Senior High School graduate with the Strand of Information Technology Mobile Application Web Development (ITMAWD) in STI College. Currently (2020), I am a 2nd year college student studying a course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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Lit design web design
Lit design web design

How I help your company/brand

These are the solutions to your problem that I want to solve.

To Find your company online

Having a website will help you to promote your company/brand 24/7 it means people are always able to find you anytime, anywhere. Website provides a quick and easy way of communicating and increase your chance to lead more sales.

To showcase what you do

To showcase your company/brand to your potential customers and help them to find the important parts of your business such as location, hours of operation, social media accounts, contact information etc.

To build trust

Having a website is a next level step to make your brand/company trustworthy and give your potential customer to feel safe and secured to your company.


I had the opportunity to work with them.

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30 Days of Web Design Challenge

Two weeks before the year 2020 ends, for me, this is the worst year because of the virus.Despite staying at home because of the virus, the positive side was I have a lot of time to explore new things and I think this is the best time to study Web Design.

Make Sure You Have This Content On Your Website

Creating content on your website is a long process especially if this is your first time doing this. Your website should be full of important details and information about your company. On this blog let’s talk about what are the contents that should be on your website to help your visitor find the right information about your company and convert them into customers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I do not handle hosting and domain because it is better if you can access at your own so you have a freedom to choose a right plan and have access to the features like adding business emails. But I will help you setup your hosting and domain so we can start the projects.

It Depends on :
– Type of Website.
– Number of pages.
– Number of revisions.
– Number of website concepts.
– Number of features.

– Yes, after the projects I will make an explainer video so you can add and edit the content of your website.

Yes I have a SMM Package, but separate fees on website projects.

 Yes, I have a Monthly Maintenance Package, the Package will cost $10/month.  I will send you a monthly report contains with Updates, Backup of website, Analytics per month and Website Up time.

You need to settle a 50% down payment at the time the agreement is signed and the final payment dues upon the completing of the website.
* 50% Down payment is non-refundable*

Let's take your online presence
to the next level.

The first step is to book a consultation to discuss and solve your problem.

Let's improve your brand

Tell me about your company and I will create a strategy to improve your brand.

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