15 Useful WordPress Plugins for Your Website (FREE)

If you are planning to build your website and the platform you choose is WordPress, you should study a lot to make your website successful, and one of the things you should know is the WordPress plugins. In this blog let’s talk about 15 useful WordPress plugins that I used to run my website. All those plugins are FREE.

What is a WordPress plugin?

The WordPress plugin is software that you can install to extend or improve the features of your WordPress website.

Every plugin has features that will help your website to have a useful function. For example, you want to monitor your website visitors per month, there is a specific plugin for that which you can install for free.

There is a plugin in almost everything you need to improve your website.

How to Install WordPress plugins?

Installing a WordPress plugin is like just installing apps on a mobile phone. Go to the plugins, Click Add new, Search the plugin you need and Install, That’s it.

WordPress Plugins are like apps on mobile phones, you can activate and deactivate any time.

1. Elementor/ Elementor Pro

Elementor is a powerful page builder. Before, when I’m building a website, I write code, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. but when I studied Elementor it became easier for me to build a website.

My favorite thing about Elementor is constantly improving and adding functions. Also, they have a YouTube Channel, Facebook groups, Elementor Forum Website to help you develop your website. Elementor is free, but the features are limited. If you want to use more features on your website, you better invest in Elementor Pro. Click here to learn more about Elementor pricing

2. Exactmetrics (Google Analytics Dashboard for WP)

Exactmetrics will help you to monitor your website visitors.

This plugin is great because when you open your WordPress backend, Exactmetrics will display Real-Time Statistics on your WordPress Dashboard, you will immediately see the statistic of your website. Also, it’s easy to connect Google Analytics with your WordPress website.

You will find a lot of information on your websites like sessions, page views, average session duration, and bounce rate.

Like the Elementor, Exactmetrics is free, but the features are limited. If you want more features, investing in Exactmetrics is good because there are so many features that you can use on your website. For example, you have an e-commerce site, Exactmetrics have a pro version that will help you to monitor your popular products, e-commerce report, etc.

Click here to learn more about Exactmetrics pricing and features.

3. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit by Google is also helping you to monitor your website statistics, this plugin has a lot of features than Exactmetrics. In this plugin, you can monitor your website speed and visitors by channels, location, and devices.

if you are creating content on your website, you can also monitor your most popular content by views and AdSense performance. With the help of Site Kit by Google, you will find a lot of information on your website.

4. Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is one of the most important plugins that I used for my WordPress website because every plugin has a new version that you should always update, make sure that you are always backup your site before you update an important plugin because there is a chance that your website may have a problem if you update an incompatible version of the plugin on your site.

If you have a backup and your website has encountered a problem, you can easily restore your WordPress site in just a few clicks. You can also migrate your website using Updraft Plus.

It’s easy to set up, it allows you to backup your website manually or automatically. Also, you can choose remote storage to have your copy of your backup file, I choose Google Drive because I already have a google account and It’s easy to use.

They also have an offer Updraft Plus Premium that has many cool features such as automatic backup when there’s are new updates to your plugins.

5. All in One SEO

I used this plugin to set up the SEO of my blogs. All in One SEO will help you to set up your Snippet Preview, Post Title, Meta Description Focus Keyphrases, Social Media preview, etc.

I always make sure that my All in One SEO rate is high in all my blog posts.

All in One SEO has a premium version that will help you to improve your website search rankings. There are so many great features you can use in their premium version like Advanced SEO Modules, WooCommerce SEO for your webshop, Powerful Sitemaps, etc. Click here to learn more about All in One SEO pricing.

Stay tuned because I will make a full review about their premium version and their cool features.

6. White Label CMS

White Label CMS is for customizing the interface of your WordPress Dashboard, using this plugin you can customize your WordPress Dashboard based on your brand, you can add a logo on the admin bar and side menu.

You can also customize the login interface of your WordPress website, you can add a logo, background image, or change the background and text color, etc.

I used this plugin to customize the WordPress dashboard of my clients, to give them a more personalized feel and a good experience to their WordPress website.

7. WP Admin UI Customize

This plugin is like a White Label CMS, but the main job of this plugin is to hide menus for other users.

For example, you have a business partner, your partner is the one working on the blog, you can create an author account for him and hide other menus that are not used to manage your blog, so your partner is not confused with using WordPress.

As I write this blog, White Label CMS has a new feature that is the same as what WP Admin UI Customize can give you, So I suggested is used the White Label CMS to reduce the amount of your plugin.

8. Antispam bee

Antispam bee is easy to set up, once you install this plugin, go to antispam bee and you will see a lot of options but for me the default option is great, I just the default option, but it’s up to you what setups you want.

9. iThemes security

This plugin is one of the best free WordPress Security plugins. This plugin will help you to protect your WordPress website.

You can monitor Brute Force Attacks and my favorite feature of iThemes security is Two-Factor Authentication, it’s easy to set up, just enabled the Two-Factor in settings then go to the users and edit the Two-Factor Authentication Options, you can use a mobile app, email, and backup authentication codes.

I already have this on my website and it’s very helpful.  I suggest enabled this feature to keep your website safe.

10. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL helps you to activate your SSL Certificate on your website. This plugin will check your website if your hosting company has an existing SSL certificate. If Really Simple SSL detects your SSL Certificate you can now activate SSL with one click.

You can ask your hosting company about your SSL certificate but sometimes they suggest used Really Simple SSL, it’s easy to set up so there’s no problem about that.

11. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is an optimization plugin that will help you speed up your website. You can control cache, optimized pages by enabling some CSS and JavaScript options.

Make sure you test your site first before you adjust the settings in LiteSpeed Cache to find what is a better option for your WordPress Website.

Another tip is always to click purge all when you enable any options, just hover the LiteSpeed Cache Icon on the top menu bar then click purge all, it will clear data on your website.

LiteSpeed also offers Domain and hosting, if you are looking for a hosting company, visit their website. they have a 15-day free trial. Soon I will make a review about their hosting and domain so subscribe to my blog to keep you updated when I have a new blog.

12. Custom Post Type UI

I used this plugin to build my dynamic project page. Custom Post Type UI helps you to create custom post types and taxonomies, because of this plugin I can organize and manage my project page quickly and easily.

Custom Post Type UI is easy to use, all you need to do is go to Add/Edit Post Types, then you will see a lot of options and you can edit that based on your needs. Once you are done, you can find your new post types on the side menu bar of your WordPress Dashboard.

13. Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a partner of Custom Post Types UI, on this plugin you can create custom fields for your new post types that you created on Custom Post Type UI.

Always create a Post Types first before Custom Fields because in Advance Custom Fields you will set a rule to connect those two.

Once you are done setting up those two plugins, you can now easily add and manage content that you want to put on your website.

14. Elementor Custom Skin

Elementor Custom skin will help you to customize your blog post and post archive layout.

This plugin helps me to design my blog page, if you visit my Blog page you can see each blog post is organized, first, you will see is a featured image, then the title of the blog, then post excerpt and read more button.

Elementor Custom Skin is easy to use, and you can do more depending on the layout you want.

15. Popup Trigger URL for Elementor Pro

I used this plugin to have a popup contact form if someone clicks contact in my navigation. You can try it now, just click the contact in navigation. As you can see, it’s simple but it helps you to contact me without leaving the page. I did that with the help of the Popup Trigger URL for Elementor Pro.

It’s easy to set up, once you create a Popup on Elementor. Just copy the URL and paste it to your Custom Link in your Menus.

There are many other WordPress plugins you can try but for me, it is enough for my needs because all those plugins are effective on my website. WordPress plugins are constantly increasing, so there is a lot more that we can use to improve the features of our website.

Stay tuned to my blog because I will be looking for more WordPress plugins that can help us and I will share them with you. Thank you for reading. I hope you learned something new today.

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