5 Things You Need Before Building A Website

In this age of technology, everything is online, online classes, online shops, online payments, online meetings, etc. One of the most effective ways to promote your business online is to have a killer website. But building a website is not easy because it is a very complex process to make it more effective for your business. For this blog let's talk about what you need before you make a website.


Each website contains a lot of information about the company like the goal of the company, contact information, company history, etc. Before you plan to build a website, you must complete the content that you will put on your website so you can visualize the outcome. What I do when writing website content, I start with a text editor or Microsoft Word, so I can estimate how many words and how my website flows.

Images and videos

If you are done writing a text, the next thing you need is images and videos you want to use on your website. Many visitors do not read the entire paragraph of your website, but images and videos will help your visitors absorb your company’s information more quickly. Make sure the images and videos you choose are high quality and optimized, to maintain the speed of your website.

Call to action

When you have completed the content of your website, the next thing you should find out is the purpose of your website. Do you want your visitor to contact you? do you want to show something? Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to enhance credibility? Etc. This is one of the most important things you should know. You must have a clear call to action so your visitors will take action on your website.

Brand Identity

Of course, your website must be the same identity as your company, so you must have a logo, colors, fonts, etc. Make sure your design is consistent from start to end of your website so that your visitor will quickly know the website of your company, as a web designer, the first thing I look at is the logo to get ideas, so the design of the website is the same as that represented by the company.

Hosting and Domain

Finally, when you have completed everything you need on your website, the next thing you will do is find the best hosting and domain company that will fit you. When finding a hosting and domain company, it will be easier if you know what kind of website you need and how much your budget is. My tip on finding a hosting and domain company is you should find out if their uptime rates are good so you can make sure your website is always online.

These are a few of the things you need before building a website. A lot of work but also a lot of benefits it can bring to your company. If you start it now, I have just one tip to give. Don’t try to be perfect, just do your best.

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