6 Best And Easy To Use Chrome Extensions | It’s FREE!

If you are always using a browser and spend a lot of time doing research, you need these tools or plugins to help you and save a lot of time, these chrome extensions are very helpful to my daily task. For every extension, I provide a link that you can download and use immediately. All those tools are FREE and easy to use!


First I recommend is Grammarly, The World’s Best Grammar Checker. This is the most useful extension on my daily task, it will help me to improve my writing in my social media post, blogs, essays, etc.

It’s easy to use, once you add Grammarly to your Chrome, You can set up the tools easily in quick settings. You can enable writing suggestions, correct spelling automatically, etc.

Add to Chrome now! It’s FREE!

The Free plan is good for those students like me, it will help you to improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but if you want more helpful features, the premium plan is a good investment. Stay tuned to my blog because next time I will do a full review about the premium plan of Grammarly to help you decide what is the best plan for you.


Loom is a recording tool, this tool is very useful to my business especially when I work with my clients, for example, my client doesn’t know how to post a blog, Loom is my tool to record my screen and camera to teach my clients step by step what to do.

This extension can help a lot of people because today remote jobs are becoming popular, they can use it when they want to make an explainer video and send it to their team members.

It’s easy to use and with just a few clicks. Once you add the Loom extension to your chrome, click the loom icon, you can set up the camera, microphone and you can choose if you want to record only your screen, camera, or both screen and camera.

It’s a good thing that I have this on my chrome because in just one click I can record my camera and screen if I want to share something with others even when I’m at home, less hassle and saves time.

Colorpick Eyedropper

This extension is useful for designers, you can easily find out the colors using this extension. Once you add the Colorpick Eyedropper extension to your chrome, all you need to do is click the Colorpick icons then use your mouse to hover and select the colors you want. Once you select the colors you want on your screen you can get the hex code or RGB code of that colors.

The best thing is it’s a zoomed eyedropper to help you get the specific color and you can select anywhere on your screen even on images and icons. For example, you are browsing and you find a good color that you want to use on your social media post, Just click the Colorpick icon then you are ready to go.

What Font

What font is like Colorpick Eyedropper but what you get is the font information of the text. Once you add the What Font extension to your chrome, you can hover the text to show the typeface or click to get a lot of information like font family, style, size, weight, Line Height, etc.  

Also, you can find the color of the text but in finding color it’s better to use Colorpick but if the text is light and thin it’s hard to select or hover, I suggest it’s better to use What Font if you want to know the text color of the website.

Colorpick and What Font extensions is a good combination for getting ideas and inspiration to other websites, I used these tools to get the stylescape of other websites but there’s one more extension that I used, The GoFullPage.


The GoFullPage is a full-page screen capture tool. This is the easiest to use chrome extension in this blog. Once you add the GoFullPage extension to your chrome, go to the website or page you want to capture then click the GoFullPage Icon, That’s it, GoFullPage will capture the whole page and you can download it as PNG, JPG PDF, etc.

As a web designer, I used this tool to collect a website design sample to gain new ideas and techniques from other designers. The combination of Colorpick Eyedropper, What Font, and GoFullPage extension helps me make my research easy, I can easily get the colors, font information, and the full page of the website and saved it to my clipboard.

Image Downloader

The Image Downloader extension will help you to download images from the website more easily. Instead of download one at a time, you can download all images of a page in just a few clicks.

Once you add the Image Downloader extension to your chrome, go to the website where you want to download the image, then click the Image Downloader Icon, it will generate all of the images inside of the page and you can download one by one or download the entire images of the page, and it will generate a zip file.

It’s great, right? Instead of right-click, save image as, right-click, save image as… you can use Image Downloader extension to download all images in less than 5 clicks.

There are many other extensions out there that you can download but for me, these extensions are easy to use and give a lot of impact on my daily activities, it’s better that you have this extension in your chrome, it’s free and saves you a ton of time and hassle.

Thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully, you have found new tools here on my blog that will help you with your task.

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