Design tools for beginners

If you are starting and planning to study a web design, this tools will help you to improved and level up your design skills. It will help you to pick a color, find and Download a high quality image, Improve your typography, help you to combining a color and find a inspiration to other designer. All of these websites are FREE and easy to use!


Photos help us to tell story to the users and give them a meaningful message. Always remind that you need to be careful for choosing photos because one bad photos can ruined your design, always choose High quality photos because It helps to make your website look’s professional and help user to gain a better experience on your website. It has the best free stock photos & video. If you’re looking for High Quality Image, Pexel is perfect for you.


Combining color is hard because imperfect combination makes your design less attractive. One of the best tools I used is ColorSpace because it helps me a lot especially in color selection. ColorSpace is easy to use, you need to enter your primary color and ColorSpace has a lot of color palettes options. ColorSpace create a new feature, you can now create a gradient out of 3 colors. Gradient color is very popular as of today. In ColorSpace you can create a great gradient color in one click.

Fonts in the wild

Typography is what you should focus on because arranging letters and text make your design clear and visually appealing to the reader. There are so many tools that will help you for typography and one of the best and easy to use is Fonts in the wid. Fonts in the wild help you to find a perfect font combination for your design. There are so many design examples that will help you to choose and find an inspiration in their website. They are providing free fonts, google fonts and adobe fonts that you can easily download.


Icons help users to have a better experience because icons communicate more quickly than words. Icons can easily grab the attention of the users especially for social media icons. If you are looking for a free vector icon, Flaticon is the best choice because they are the largest database of free icons. This is my best choice because you can change the color and size of icon to fit in your design.You can download them in all formats, SVG, PNG, EPS.


StorySet Illustration is one of the trends design today because it provides users a great imagination experience. Illustration is alternative to the photography but they have the same job to tell the story and give users a meaningful message. Storyset is awesome free customizable illustrations for your projects. They have a lot of useful function, you can choose your own style, color and customized the background of illustration to make fit in your design. Most of the illustration of StorySet is free and they are all customizable and easy to use.

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