Different Types of Websites

There are so many types of websites and not all of them are applicable to your business, so if you are looking for what type of website you need for your business, this blog is for you, in this blog I will explain what are the different types of websites and what are their main purposes.

E-commerce Website

With all kinds of websites, I’m sure you are familiar with this type of website. Ecommerce is one of the most popular websites today because almost all of us tend to order online rather than go out and get crowded at the mall. The main goal of this website is to sell and showcase your product as best as possible.

Here are some of my tips for making your Webshop successful.

Easy to find products – Your Webshop should have a search bar or much better have a search filter so your visitors can manually input their desired type of product so they can quickly find what they want to buy.

Good checkout experience – Having a nice and fast checkout process is a big help for your business to get more sales. It’s better if your checkout process is just a few clicks away so you can get customers immediately. Also, it’s a good idea to get their email in your checkout process so you can let them know if you have a new product or promo to encourage them to come back and buy to your Webshop again.

Marketing Business Website

Every business needs a website, and if you want to know why businesses need a website read Why Every Industry Needs a Website. The goal of this type of website is to showcase and provide information about your business. You can showcase your services, background of your company, social proof, or testimonial, etc.

For example, your business is to sell software, you should have a Marketing Business website to promote and provide information about your software for your potential users. Also, you can showcase the features of your software to encourage the visitor to download and buy your software.

This type of website should have good direction and flow to properly present your business to your visitors. Also, there must be a clear call to action to help your visitors figure out what to do with your website.

Blog or Media outlet website

The next type of website is a Blog or Media outlet website, most of us are reading and getting information on the internet, and especially me, by now I often read articles here on the internet. The goal of this type of website is to share information and knowledge with their visitors, they want you to read their content.

An example of this type of website is Lit design website, yes, this website, because I’m creating content to share information and knowledge to my visitors. But this website is not a pure blog website, it is a combination of blog and portfolio websites. Later we will discuss what a portfolio website is.

Like an e-commerce website, your visitor experience can be improved if your website has a search bar or search filter so they can quickly find the article they want to read, also its better to have a social media share button, to get more people to see your content and read an article on your website.

Educational Website

Today we learn a lot on the internet. Especially me, almost all my skills I just learned on the internet, in website development, design, coding, and more. The goal of this type of website is to teach people online, any kind of teaching, can be written, audio, or video.

As a college student, this type of website is very helpful for my school work, especially when learning technology or new skills because in the field of IT what you learn in schools Is limited and as a student, you need to step up and self-study.

One of my favorite educational websites is W3schools, W3 Schools is a free online resource with a lot of tutorials about programming languages. This educational website is easy to use because they have a search bar. Also, each tutorial has a side menu bar to easily find a topic you want to learn.

This type of website should have an engagement for their visitors, so they can enjoy learning and stay on the website for a long time.

W3schools have a great feature that you can try the code immediately using their website, this is very helpful to their visitors because they don’t need to switch to programming software to test what they are learning.

If you are interested to learn a programming language, visit their website. Click Here

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is like a personal website, The main goal of this type of website is to showcase your works. Because everything is online, many jobs and careers need a website to market themselves.

One of the jobs that need portfolio websites is photographers, coaches, influencers, etc. Of course, a web designer and developer needs a portfolio website because how can you say that you are a web developer and designer if you don’t have your website.

Lit Design website is a combination of portfolio and blog website, if you visit my homepage, you can see that the goal of my website is to show my works and to get a client. Also, you will find my projects page that shows my case study for my past clients.

If you are planning to make your portfolio website my tip is always to show yourself, your personality, and your passion for your work. Make sure your portfolio website has your pictures, promote yourself as who you are, and always show your human side. This will help you gain the trust of your future client immediately. Be yourself and create your brand based on your persona.

All types of websites can help you, but you need to research to find out what is effective in your business. You need to know first what your business needs to help you choose what kind of website is for you. These are just a few of the types of websites that can make a huge impact on your business. Thank you for reading, I hope you learned something.

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