Make Sure You Have This Content On Your Website

Creating content on your website is a long process especially if this is your first time doing this. Your website should be full of important details and information about your company. On this blog let’s talk about what are the contents that should be on your website to help your visitor find the right information about your company and convert them into customers.

Services and products

First are the services or products you provide to your customers. Make sure you have a description and important details for your services/products, so the visitors know what your company has to offer.

You can put the process of your service, features of your software, ingredients of your product, etc. 

Also, you can show the sample of your products via images, or samples of your works, and create a case study.

It’s better if they can read it right away at the top of your website or in the hero section. Put your services/products information straight to the headline of your hero section with visuals, so when they visit your website, they will quickly know what your services and products are.

You can also create a service or product page to explain more what you are offering to your client and to encourage them to do business with you.

Testimonials or Social Proof

Testimonials, ratings, or social proof is very important to your website, it will build trust.

If you are selling a product, just get reviews and comments from your customers, make sure you have their name and photo, so that your visitor knows that the reviews on your website are legit.

Like selling products, if you offer services, just get testimonials and feedback from your clients. Your clients will share what they experience with your service, Also, make sure you have their name, photo, and company, so your visitors know that you worked with real clients.

You can put your top 10 testimonials to an image slider on your homepage, so your visitor can easily read all your testimonials.


Partners also build trust with your visitors especially when your partners are trusted brands, because of this you can quickly gain the trust of your visitors because they see that you have a partner with a legit and trusted company.

You can create the Our Partners section and put your partner’s company name and logo on your website.

Also, you can add a link to your partner’s logo or company name, so your visitor can visit your partner’s website immediately.


Frequently asked questions will help you to answer the possible questions of your visitors.

You need to think what are the possible questions of your visitors or based on your experience what are the popular question that you receive from your customers.

It is useful for your visitors, they don’t need to wait for your answer because it is already on your website, and it will give you a lot of time because you don’t need to answer those questions, so you can focus on other things to grow your business.

You can create a FAQs section on the bottom of your homepage or create a FAQs page. I suggest put 3-5 popular FAQs on your homepage then all possible questions are on your FAQs page, so if someone inquires on your website or social media accounts, just give them a link to your FAQs page so they can find the answer immediately.

Contact Information

The website promotes you 24/7, so always put your location, telephone number, opening hours, address, emails, etc. on your website.

That’s one of the reasons why people visit your website, they are looking for specific information about your company.

You can create a contact page or telephone number on your navigation menu. It’s your choice, but I suggest putting all your contact information on your footer, it’s better to keep clean your navigation menu.

Social media links

Most of the internet users are more active on social media, so if you want to win your business online you need to create a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, etc. because many visitors are searching for your social media accounts, and they want to be updated to your business.

It will help your social media account to grow. Also, you can get traffic to your website from your social media accounts.

You can add social media icons on your navigation menu or footer, but I suggest put your social media icons on your footer to make it more visible like Contact Information.

About Page

This page will help your visitor to understand the background of your company, when I browse a website, I always visit the about page because I want to know some information such as when it started the company, where did they come from, who are their team members and what are their positions, etc.

About page will help your visitors to know your company goal and history. About page is like telling stories to your visitor about how your company started and explain to them the goal of your business.

Also, you can introduce your team member or founder, show your office, achievements, awards, program, etc.

There is a lot of other content you can put to your website, but for me, this is the most common type of content that I see on every website, all of these contents are important and can help your company to share the important details and information to your visitors.

If you are planning to create a website, creating content is one of the hardest tasks that you will experience. You need to spend a lot of time creating content for your website, but you can hire a copywriter to help you.

Besides creating content, visit 5 Things You Need Before Building A Website to find out more about what you need to build a website.

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you learned something, and good luck with creating content for your website.

If you are looking for a Web Designer and Developer, just contact me to discuss your idea. Let’s work together!

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