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When the website is finished, we want it to be 100% smooth and error free because it is better if we are the first to see the error than our visitors and clients. As a Web Designer and Developer these are the important things I look at before finally publishing the website. It is easy to solved but because there’s so much to do in creating a website. It is often forgotten. So these are the things you should look for in all the pages of your website before you publish and show it to your potential clients and visitors.

Buttons, Links and Social Media Links

Always check if the button, links or social media links of your website is working because this is the most effective way for your visitors to interact with your website. If the button or links does not work, there is a chance that your visitor will leave your website immediately.

Contact Form, Subscribe Form, Order Form, Payments Form, Sign Up form etc.

This is one of the most important things you should test before you publish your website because most of your visitor is looking for a way to how to contact you, to subscribe on your blogs and news or any online form on your website. Your visitor might be annoyed or angry when the online forms of your website does not work and this will have a huge negative impact on your business because you will lose a potential client. Always test your online forms.

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

Based on my experience, most of the traffic of my website is in mobile devices, so it is important that your website is responsive on any devices especially on the mobile screen because it is the commonly used of people to browse websites. My tip is to test the responsiveness of your website using your own device, for example your sibling’s tablet, your mother’s cellphone, your coworker’s laptop or whatever devices you have next to you.

URL address Structure

Always check your URL address and make sure it’s easy to read, because there are visitors who look always at the URL, so they know which page they are on and what is the content and information of a page. One of the cleanest looking URL structures is, for example is Because your URL is easy to read it has a huge improvement especially in SEO, aesthetics, usability and forward-compatibility of your links.

Speed of the website

Before you post on social media or announce to your customers your new and fresh website, you should test the speed of your website first. It is very important that your website loads quickly because your visitor might be annoyed when your website took too long to load and it is possible that they will leave your website immediately. My tip is use website speed test to monitor the performance of your website and the tool I will recommend for testing your website performance is GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights. One of my solution when website is slow is to optimize all of the images of the website and the tool I will recommend for optimizing your website is TinyPNG.

These are the things you should check and test before you publish your website. These are just small things, but they can have a big impact on your business and of course it is also better to have your website running smoothly because it will be one of the personalities of your brand and it will give a good experience to your potential customers.

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