Step by Step Process of Building a Website

Building a website it's not as simple as you think, you should plan and organize every step you take to make the website have a better outcome, as a web developer and designer, I have a system that I follow for building a website. With the help of my system, I became more productive, and it will help me to observe the progress of my projects. My process of building a website is divided into 5 steps, each step I provided free tools and software that I use for my projects.


The first thing I do is make a sitemap, Sitemap is a list of pages of the website, and it will help you to determine what is the content of each page. It’s a good thing that you have a list of how many pages of the website to help you plan the relationship between pages. Also, Sitemap will help you to have an idea how your navigation menu looks like. Navigation is a very helpful function to make your visitors quickly find and access what they need. The tool I used for creating a sitemap is Gloomaps, it’s free and easy to use.


After creating a sitemap, the next thing you do is the wireframe of each page of the website. A wireframe is like a blueprint of the website. In this step, you need to unlock your creativity because you are planning the website’s structure and flow. You need to study the best position for the image, text, buttons, etc. to make sure that the website is easy to use.

A wireframe is a combination of plain colors, shapes, lines, or dummy text. Your goal why you need to wireframe first is to focus on providing a good interface for the visitor of the website.

It’s better if you already have an idea of what content you’re going to put on each page such as how many words? type of image? Etc. Make sure you read first the 5 Things You Need Before Building a Website to get ideas and vision for the website content.

My tip is to start with a clean sheet of paper and pen, it will help you to experiment with more ideas and try different layouts. If you are working with clients, I recommend Adobe XD, it is a powerful software for creating a prototype, wireframe, application, and website design.

Style Guide

The third step is to create a style guide, style guide is a collection of a brand Identity such as fonts, colors, buttons, photos, layouts, typography, etc. style guide will help you to visualize the outcome of the website design. Also, it will help you to experiment and compare different types of layouts or combinations before you proceed to design the whole website.

If you are working with clients, a style guide is the best way to present your design strategy. Ask your client for feedback about your style guide to get an idea and easily hit their goals. You can use any editing tool to make a style guide but the one I use is Adobe Xd

Website Design

The fourth and my favorite part of this process is to design the entire website. This step became easy because we make the wireframe first. All we have to do here is put color and content in the wireframe we made. I suggest use Vas3m, it’s a powerful tool to check the hierarchy of your design.

In this step, you will make here the final design of the website but why would you need to do a separate design, if it can be directed to the website builder? Believe it or not, your work will be faster when you design first before you develop it, for example, in the middle of your development, you want to change or add something. because you are in website building platforms, it is no longer easy to change or updated because what you change may affect the margin and padding which will cause a mess to your design. That’s one of the examples that can happen when you start developing a website without design to follow.

For Designing a website, I also suggest using Adobe Xd because it has a lot of features, one of my favorites is you can invite and you can show the prototype of your design.


The last step is to develop and make your design become an alive and good website. For me, this step is the most difficult because in this step you will create the complex features of the website. In web development, you have many software options, including WordPress, Wix, Webflow, and more.

The one I use is WordPress because for me WordPress has so many great plugins that you can create a website with advanced features.

But all that software has its limitations, if the website you are going to make has many advanced features, website builders will not be able to handle it, All you need is programming skills to create a website with custom features.

In everything we talked about it was all based on my experience. There are many other processes and tools that you can use. But this process has been effective in my workflow, and it has helped my work run smoothly. We have a different working process, but the good thing is that we all have a plan that helps us get the job done. You should always have a plan so that you are ready when the opportunity comes. Always remember that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Thanks for reading, I hope I helped you.

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