Step by Step Process of Building a Website

Building a website it’s not as simple as you think, you should plan and organize every step you take to make the website have a better outcome, as a web developer and designer, I have a system that I follow for building a website. With the help of my system, I became more productive, and it will help me to observe the progress of my projects. My process of building a website is divided into 5 steps, each step I provided free tools and software that I use for my projects.

5 Things You Need Before Building A Website

In this age of technology, everything is online, online classes, online shops, online payments, online meetings, etc. One of the most effective ways to promote your business online is to have a killer website. But building a website is not easy because it is a very complex process to make it more effective for your business. For this blog let’s talk about what you need before you make a website.