15 Useful WordPress Plugins for Your Website (FREE)

If you are planning to build your website and the platform you choose is WordPress, you should study a lot to make your website successful, and one of the things you should know is the WordPress plugins. In this blog let’s talk about 15 useful WordPress plugins that I used to run my website. All those plugins are FREE.

6 Best And Easy To Use Chrome Extensions | It’s FREE!

If you are always using a browser and spend a lot of time doing research, you need these tools or plugins to help you and save a lot of time, these chrome extensions are very helpful to my daily task. For every extension, I provide a link that you can download and use immediately. All those tools are FREE and easy to use!

Step by Step Process of Building a Website

Building a website it’s not as simple as you think, you should plan and organize every step you take to make the website have a better outcome, as a web developer and designer, I have a system that I follow for building a website. With the help of my system, I became more productive, and it will help me to observe the progress of my projects. My process of building a website is divided into 5 steps, each step I provided free tools and software that I use for my projects.

Design tools for beginners

Design Tool for Beginners

If you are starting and planning to study a web design, this tools will help you to improved and level up your design skills. It will help you to pick a color, find and Download a high quality image, Improve your typography, help you to combining a color and find a inspiration to other designer. All of these websites are FREE and easy to use!